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A mom reviews the experience at LearningRx with a son who struggles with ADHD.
"My son is 14, was diagnosed with ADHD in Kindergarten and has struggled with organization and staying on top of his homework assignments in grade school and middle school. We had concerns about this impacting his performance going into high school, and a friend at work recommended LearningRX. His initial assessment indicated that he struggles with processing speed, which is one of the factors affecting his focus and follow-through. They suggested brain training and study skills to help. He started over the summer and will finish in December. He has had a wonderful experience - he always looks forward to the sessions with Kevin and the exercises that are focused on his processing speed. Kevin is so friendly and really knows how to connect with our son and make their time productive and positive. His grades this year have been good, and he strongly feels that his performance on tests in math and science have been improved in terms of completion time and quality of results with the training he has received. We have seen him take more ownership of his work, and are very grateful for the skills he obtained in the program. We would definitely recommend LearningRX!"

LearningRx - Halfway through the program, this mom is already noticing a difference
Want to know a little bit about what brain training is like, and what results one mom is seeing six weeks into the program? Check out this blog! This mom goes into detail explaining several LearningRx brain training exercises, and how she has found them challenging both for her son and herself. She also covers some of the improvements she is already seeing—including her son choosing to read more challenging books.

LearningRx – “Without a doubt the most effective thing we’ve done”
The same mom blogger updates her blog at the end of the program. She sums it up like this: “Of all of the things we have tried for Ronan (most are documented in this blog, like vision therapy, tutors, private school, homeschool....), LearningRx is without a doubt the most effective thing we've done. What we most want for our son is to regard himself as a confident learner who is up to the challenge of school and enjoys the learning process. It seems we have reached this goal. He is having the best year ever in school and we could not be happier and more relieved.”

LearningRx listed in Entrepreneur Magazine
LearningRx is the largest one-on-one brain training company in the world. Listed #272 on the Franchise 500 in 2012, LearningRx is #1 in the Child Enrichment category. The company continues to grow, with #272 being their highest ranking yet on the Franchise 500. Check out this page for more detailed statistics about LearningRx.

LearningRx Reviews: This Mom Raves about "Progress in School and out of School"
When LaTasha first heard about LearningRx, she wondered if it would turn out to be "some overpriced place that was going to make all these promises but never give me any results." Instead, today she says her son has made a complete 180 and that the program has provided long-term benefits that will impact her long into his future. Follow the link to read more about her experience with LearningRx.

LearningRx - a miracle story
After suffering from a traumatic brain injury and spending almost a year in the hospital, John Keller had the cognitive abilities of a young child. He had trouble remembering short lists and even where he placed his cell phone. Enter LearningRx. After completing the brain training program, John’s life was changed forever. In summary: “The results were amazing!!!!!!! The therapy allowed John to learn new ways of doing everyday tasks that the enemy may have stolen from him due to the brain injury – things we all take for granted.”

LearningRx helps Josiah say all 44 presidents while completing batting practice
Would you find it challenging to say all 44 presidents in about a minute? How about while hitting a baseball? Josiah shows his impressive concentration, attention and coordination skills with this great video. LearningRx brain training not only helped him learn to recite all the U.S. presidents, but also gave him the mental tools to do it while improving his batting average at the same time.

LearningRx - Florida mom loves LearningRx
This mother-of-four loves LearningRx. She loves it so much, in fact, that three of her four kids have enrolled in the program, and she wants brain training for herself for Christmas! In this post, this mom explains what cognitive training is all about, and how it has helped her kids. She sums it up well when she says, “I cannot say enough good things about the program at LearningRx…They genuinely care about your child’s brain.”

LearningRx - Florida mom STILL loves LearningRx
Continuing the story from above, this mom continues to tell about her LearningRx experience. Her son worried he wouldn’t like the program, going so far as saying, “What if I just absolutely hate it?” They went into the program anyway, and at the end of the first session he said: “I love it, mom!” What could brain training do for you or someone you love? Maybe your son or daughter will love it! Click to read more about this mom’s story, and explore her blog for other posts about LearningRx.

LearningRx in ISER (Internet Special Education Resources)
ISER is one of the premier online directories for special education. Check out LearningRx’s profile, as well as a listing of states and centers. Check out the ISER website for other helpful education resources as well.

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