Brain Training Reviews

Learn Why Over 95% of Clients Say They’d Recommend Brain Training

In our free e-book, Unlock the Einstein Inside, we highlight and explain the single biggest cause of learning struggles – one or more weaker cognitive skills.

Hear from parents of children who went through 1-on-1 brain training with LearningRx to address the root cause of learning, reading, math, and attention struggles.

Struggling Reader Reviews LearningRx 5 Years Later
Elle’s incredible story highlights how no matter how bad reading struggles are, there is hope!

Father Highlights Gains Daughter Saw After 1-on-1 Brain Training
Pete Howell highlights the benefits of our Brain Skills Assessment and how 1-on-1 brain training changed his daughter’s life!

Struggling Teacher Takes Cognitive Skills to New Heights
While Elizabeth is an educator, she faced her own struggles – reading, writing, and more. Hear how she transformed her struggles into strengths!

Student Struggling with School & ADHD Accepted to Dream College
Wesley’s story is one of perseverance and hard work. After breaking through his biggest struggles, he got accepted to his dream college!

Student Improves in Math & Gains More Confidence
School and homework were always a struggle for Eme. Hear how 1-on-1 brain training changed her life!

3rd Grader Overcomes Reading Difficulties With 1-on-1 Program
Lily’s mom said that after 1-on-1 brain training, Lily’s performance in school (and with reading), has completely “180-d.”

Connect with a Brain Skills Expert at LearningRx today!

Connect with a Brain Skills Expert at LearningRx today!